Five things you can use wood ash for

Wood Ash contains potassium and calcium.
You can use wood ash to do the following:Five things you can use wood ash

  1. Enrich your compost with ash and charcoal.  Ash is an alkaline substance so use it sparingly to balance the acidity of some soils and compost mixes.
  2. Deter bugs in Pet houses. spread ash lightly on the floor of the dog house, and throughout the poultry houses. This reduces the smell and the incidence of pests
  3. Deter slugs and snails. If you line the pathways around a garden bed with ash you can deter snails and reduce weeds in the path.
  4. Clean glass and silver with a small amount of wood Ash.
  5. Wood Ash used to be used to create lye, which was used as a type of bleach.  Be well informed, equipped and careful with chemicals such as lye and soap because they often react with modern materials such as aluminum pots and can cause nasty burns.

So thats all 5 things you can use wood ash for , I’m sure theres more I dont know about.