We Walk The Talk

mother goose

Permaculture Visions is the brainchild, dedicated homesite and teaching project started by April Sampson-Kelly.   April started by researching, designing, nurturing, planting, writing, photographing, painting and then teaching permaculture online and face-to-face worldwide in 1993.
April was trained in Permaculture by Jude and Michel Fanton and Rosemary Morrow. Her early supporters and mentors were : Bill Mollison, Janet Millington and Geoff Lawton.

“In the early days most people argued you couldn’t teach a practical skill such as permaculture online, now everyone wants to do it.  We now know that teaching online is a very specialist skill and the standard of our graduates is exceptional. This has been a testament to what we can do together and makes our efforts worthwhile.

Permaculture Visions is now a family business spanning 3 generations. We are based in the outer fringes of a small coastal Australian city called Wollongong. Our home and office for our worldwide teaching project is based within our beautiful Demonstration Site.

We cherish our close contact with the bushland and have a strong appreciation of our surrounding forests and animals. 20 years ago we wanted to raise our children close to nature and in a caring community so we decided to dedicate a significant part of our professional
off-site incomes and personal energy to building a small food forest which is now starting to mature, has won some awards and has always offered us sanctuary, education, entertainment and food in return.  Our personal interests lie in growing unusual food plants especially berries.” The Kelly family.