All creatures are connected.


The Web of Life

In the web of life in a Malaysian forest the Tapir Cipant is dependent on leaves to eat. The DragonFly Pepatung feeds on water and other insects; the Pheasant kuaua and Native Chicken Gallus gallus need leaves, worms and insects including the Dragon-fly. The Civet Musang Merah eats small animals including young pheasants; Tortoise kurra needs herbs and may eat small animals such as frogs; the Frog Katak needs insects and eats pests such as mosquitos. The birds eat the frogs. The Woodpecker Belatuk Mas, Eagle Owl Bubo Hantu, Common Owl Burong Hantu and Kingfisher Pekaka Api eat the fish and insects and leaves. The fish eat small water creatures and insects and help keep the ponds aerated and fertile. The soil’s micro-organisms consume animal waste. All creatures enrich the soil through their waste. All plants need fertility soil. The soil is made fertile by the micro-organisms. All life is connected. People can live in harmony with nature if we return something enriching to the system.
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