Art for the Environment uses use a variety of artforms to convey ideas because our course participants are visual learners with a strong interest in how-to.  We also promote permaculture to a broader audience who develop their relationship with their environment by being engaged through

Permaculture Visions values:
1. Photos of their demonstration site to demonstrate ‘truths’ and achievements
2. Diagrams to illustrate concepts and detailed workings of strategies and products
3. Painted designs, which enable the designer to incorporate the patterns of nature
and a sensitivity to the landscape as part of a practical holistic lifestyle response to
environmental lifestyle challenges.
4. Non-fictional writing and editing to organise work by pioneers, document strategies
and reflect on processes so that new participants can build upon these concepts.
5. Fictional writing to encourage creativity, chaotic and unconnected inspiration.
6. Organically structured presentations for ideas that need to being ‘tabled’ freely.
Organic structures include branching, scatter, clouds and woven streamlines.
7. Landscaping to help people feel that they can enter a world where there is beauty
in chaos and abundance, to challenge the consumeristic notions that we need to have
purchased products and form to have comfort and productivity.