Work/Life and Depression-Proof Employment

In 2030 there will be 30% less jobs. What will the new jobs be?

Depression-proof employment inspired by a lecture at the last permaculture convergence delivered by Nicole Foss:

  • Organising other people: mediators, facilitators, teachers of practical skills
  • Organising resources: eg. police, lawyers, control
  • Supply goods and services and investing in others.
  • Develop practical skills
  • Health care
  • escapism such as authors, entertainers

Minimise debt, hold cash and cash equivalents, be careful not to over spend on building your education and hang on to your hard goods.

Hard goods include

  • your bike
  • reference books
  • spare parts
  • land
  • water infrastructure
  • cooking equipment
  • provisions
  • Energy making sources (when you own your own energy, you own a lot of opportunity)
  • trading goods
  • radios
  • filters
  • tools
  • clothes

The Gorgeous Silkies

The Gorgeous Silkies – Silkies are a very docile breed of chicken. They are perfect for city dwelling, they are quieter, less selective about what foods they will eat and happy to live in a small house.The require low fencing as they don’t jump and fly unless they are hungry. On the downside, they need protection from dogs. In this photo they know they are in trouble because I caught them on the wrong side of the fence.