The Largest Herd On Earth

“Bob” Brown is an Australian former politician, medical doctor, environmentalist, former Senator and former Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens. Bob gave the opening address to the 12th Australian Permaculture Convergence March 2015.
What fires my boilers is being here with 200 Permaculturalists. If the world was run by you we would be fine.” Bob also pointed out that the human race is the largest herd of mammals to have grazed the earth.


Paulo Mellett Scholarship

This year we granted a full scholarship in honour of Paulo Mellett. The scholarship recipient is Eurico, a recent migrant from Brazil who plans to better his life, his family’s health and share the experience  with gratitude.

Paulo Mellett helped translate our work at the International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba 2013 and has sadly passed away since.  We wish to celebrate his humble yet powerful influence and continue to bridge the gap between rich and poor, detached and sensitive cultures, dysfunctional and harmonious societies.

paulo mellett scholarship
In honour of Paulo Mellett we have created and awarded a full scholarship.

We aim to keep the memory of Paulo Mellett, his work and ambition alive through investing good will in others. Join us, pass on the good will in your own teaching and demonstration of sustainable living.

Credit: Sculpture by Herman A McNeil The Moqui Runner Chicago Museum of Art


Nutrient Dense Salads at Your Back Door


Nutrient rich salad greens include bitter lettuce, and herbs.
The fresher the food, the higher the nutritional value.
Romaine Lettuce is one of the highest nutritional foods, it even contains high levels of protein. If we take these salads greens and fresh egg from happy hens, we can have a enriching lunch, and you get a few minutes outside in the fresh air reconnecting with nature instead of pushing a trolley in a supermarket or standing in a queue with hurried people!