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enrol_here_chickenEnjoy an online Permaculture Course that is not just a set of lectures or tutorials.   We provide you with a huge database of course notes but don’t lecture at you or set exams.  We find out where you are at and aim to help you move along the path toward you goals. We are here to mentor you through your permaculture course and beyond. We support your permaculture ventures and dreams.
We have designed a learning environment that has simple interaction. We encourage you to ask questions and let you choose the homework tasks according to your interest.  We help you set goals, and aim to trigger your enthusiasm.  Once you start, we try to keep you empowered and bubbling along.  Over the last two decades we have turned problems into solutions by using student needs as opportunities for course development.

We see the potential in each individual and aim to get them independent, empowered and successful because our success as a species depends on your success as an individual.

We specialise in mentored Permaculture training.  We have been building this unique resource since 1993.  We now serve people in 55 countries and support and cheer our amazing graduates.  We teach only on a tailored one-to-one basis, not in a classroom style. Read testimonials here.  We have three different levels of Permaculture courses:

  1. Introductory Course in Permaculture
  2. The Full Permaculture Design Course
  3. Our Guild Diploma in Permaculture

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potted worm farm empty“I absolutely loved the course and am very glad I have taken the time to study permaculture!” Marty Lambers
“We are sure that the knowledge gained from it is far superior in content and quality and amount of information we would have gained in a two week / 72 hour course anywhere else.   We lost count ages ago of the hours we have both spent learning about Permaculture and the unhurried pace of learning has allowed us to take the information you supply and research further on our own and in greater depth from other sources of information.” Jane and Peter Murray
Dream far. Tread lightly.