Aims of The Permaculture Courses

beans_plusAims Of Our Permaculture Courses

To enable participants worldwide to learn about Permaculture, read and see it applied in a wide range of climates and budgets, to develop observation skills, learn how nature responds to challenges and apply these ideas to human needs. When we meet human needs (physical and social) using natural energies, simple strategies, or low-tech solutions, we put less pressure on the environment. There is so much to learn from nature, join in! Students and graduates can talk to one another through our exclusive mailing list and they are encouraged to link up with others in their own region. We aim to help you nurture your future.

Contents of our Permaculture Course

Our Permaculture Design Course is offered in 3 modules.  The first module is our Introduction to Permaculture Course.  It is selected parts of the full approved Permaculture Design Course. The full course contains 20 topics.

See our PDC Course Outlines here.

We have designed the course so that when you are ready to do the full design course later, any fees that you paid previously and all the homework that you sent for the introductory course will be immediately credited toward the full design certificate course [PDC]. Our course homework tasks are flexible, you choose your hours and can suggest alternative practical sessions, there is a wide range of choice in the homework tasks. Our option to let you go slowly [slow-cook style of teaching] suits those who want to make lasting changes. Lasting change takes years, so we are happy to support that.

 How do the Introductory and Design courses compare?

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