How Do The Introductory And Design Courses Compare?

chickThe Introductory course is designed for persons who
a) seek better methods of reducing world poverty, waste and pollution, and want something THEY can do each day to ease world problems;
b) wish to redesign their own home and environment for healthier living;
c) need to understand the key elements of permaculture that make it a unique approach to production and consumption;
d) want to include Permaculture concepts in their professional community and conservation projects.

The Design course is much more of the above, for persons who:

e) are keen to advise and supply others in their search for productive and wasteless lifestyle;
f) need to legally and ethically use the term permaculture in their teaching, business, or practice;
g) are searching for more detail about Permaculture.

The Introductory course is a short course (approx 25 hours) showing the aims, ethics and benefits of Permaculture. It aims to be both comprehensive and inspiring. By the end of the Introductory course the student shall:

  • Understand the principles of permaculture
  • Recognise natural solutions in their own environment
  • Be able to apply Permaculture strategies to their home and work
  • Evaluate the vital aspects of their activities and
  • Maximise their impact as concerned consumers and producers.
  • Appreciate the holistic thinking behind Permaculture design.

The Introductory course aims to satisfy curiosity and help modify existing systems and practices whereas the Design course aims to develop skills for permaculture design (new and adapted systems). The Introductory course encourages a commitment to environmentally friendly lifestyle from the student.

chicken learn Permaculture visionsThe Design course is a two week or 72 hour course, it assumes a level of commitment toward Permaculture, and teaches implementation in a broader and more comprehensive fashion. It investigates a wide range of tools for Permaculture design. It aims t:

  • better understand components of the natural system such as water and soils.
  • Broaden a participants focus to look at the impacts of permaculture design and how to nurture community.
  • Graduates of the Design course are familiar with situations outside their own and equipped to teach Permaculture to others.

See the Course Outlines Here: Module 1 – Introduction To Permaculture Module 2 Understanding Nature Module 3 Invisible Structures

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