Diploma In Permaculture

chicken reap Permaculture visionsOutlines for Diploma Qualifications with Permaculture Visions.

Please note Permaculture Visions Diploma is not a course.  It is an award that is granted only by Panel Review and is exclusively available to the graduates of Permaculture Visions PDC (Permaculture Design Course).
There are 3 steps in the process to achieving a Diploma with Permaculture Visions.
1. Apply for access to the guidance documentation (this is a set fee of $120 AUD) – this is an online documents that can be updated at any time, so please check regularly. You are granted unlimited time for access to the documentation. You must let us know if you can’t get access to this important document.
2. Work through the material, checking that you have sufficient supporting evidence and experience to qualify for our Diploma.
3.  Apply for Assessment by Review ($1800AUD) and submit questions and your work presented in accordance with the  guidance material that you received in step 1. Any updates will be automatically available online. We will review you submission as a Panel of members and will allow 3 revisions if required.


Executive Summary This document outlines the scope, policies and requirements Permaculture Visions’s to conduct Desktop Assessments and award Diplomas in Permaculture. It also aims to define some of the jargon associated with training standards used in this industry.
Standards Applicable Documentation and Compliance Criteria for the Diploma Awarded by Permaculture Visions is based on the Quality standard AS/NZS/ISO 9000 and Environmental standard AS/NZS/ISO 14000 and Australian Permaculture Training Guidelines but is not formally part of APT or Australian Quality Training Framework.Our documents are designed exclusively for Permaculture Visions PDC Graduates but may be used with prior permission only by other training organisations.
Copyright is owned by Permaculture Visions partnership: A. Sampson-Kelly, M. Sampson and P. Kelly.
Number of Units

There are two core units to be assessed and 10 minor units. The core units are designing a Permaculture Site (this you should have achieved in your PDC with us), and implementation of a Permaculture Design. If you have changed sites, you will need to show a Permaculture Design that matches the site offered as demonstration of your implementation unit.

One of the minor units Ethical Small Business Management is available online as a course. One of the other units is known as a major unit Preparation of A Site to meet Organic Certification and is equivalent to 6 units.

Units Offered for Assessment

PV504A Manage a Permaculture Project

PV_CHCORG525C Recruit and Coordinate Volunteers.

PV125PLA03B Develop a Strategic Plan for a Permaculture Project or Enterprise

PV125PLA05B Plan and Supervise Implementation of Permaculture Project Works

PV_PIL507A Research and interpret requirements for a permaculture project

PVM402A- Recruit, select, and induct staff.

PVQMS1A – Prepare Documentation to meet requirements for your nominated international standard. Quality Managment systems/ Environmental systems/ safety / organic farming/ Education. Etc.

*PV_PIL501A Carry out permaculture field research

*PV_PIL506A Design and plan a sustainable settlement

*PV_PIL508A Plan management strategies for overseas development

*PV_PIL510A Prepare a community and bioregional development strategy

*PV_PIL511A Facilitate participatory planning and learning activities

*PV_PIL512A Plan community governance and decision-making process


It is expected that it would take a total of about 60 hours to read the assessment criteria, gather evidence of previous work, complete the assessment forms and submit all the work in required format for the Diploma. Assessment Review by us shall commence within 10 days of receipt of material and fees and shall take up to 1 week to complete.

We offer maximum of 3 reviews for the process. There is no failure but there will be formal responses that will indicate competence or “not-yet-competent” and reasons why not yet competent.

If you do not achieve your Diploma after 4 reviews you need to re-apply for stage 2 after reviewing your work and re-enrolling which will include paying the fee again. Please ensure all fields of assessment are addressed.

Experience-based Evidence Only All evidence is to be experience based. Applicants (You) are to offer evidence of real-life (not simulated) work which is completed or in-process. Prepare a case study giving your project/product /research/work or service as an example of the key competiencies of each unit are demonstrated. Experiences are validated by evidence that is able to be audited by us as necessary. Evidence will be considered in the form of written procedures, ornotes or short essays, with photos/records/ diary notes/ time-lines/checklists/ forms and records of decisions like meeting minutes or notes. Detailing : How, when, where, why, what and whom. Create a written document covering the requirements below. Refer clearly to names of any attachments and page numbers and Paragraphs to guide the desk top review assessor.
Recognition of Current Competencies Permaculture Visions’s Desktop Assessment offers Diploma by Recognition of Current Competencies. Throughout your years in permaculture since achieving your PDC you will have undertaken work that is sufficient to show competency in specialist areas within permaculture. We expect that by completing these assessment units you are demonstrating current competency in applying permaculture principles, research, knowledge, observation and skills, however the physical tasks described in the projects may have been many years ago. It is important that the award applicants (you) will have achieved a minimum of 2 years full time (or equivalent) experience in Permaculture Activities. The first step in achieving this award is to enrol in Stage 1 online, download the assessment material and do a self-assessment Stage 2. is your formal application to be considered for a Diploma with Permaculturevisions.com
Validity of Evidence Validity is demonstrated by: 1. letters of support from referees 2. photographs and or footage of the product/service/work 2. letters of support from co-workers, volunteers and/or other stakeholders.
Preparation for Assessment There are 3 steps involved in the preparation for your Assessment with a Diploma from Permaculture Visions. 1. Apply for assessment documents 2. read the Introductory file then Unit Descriptor for each Unit you choose. Complete the assessment forms using our assessment guides (this table is a guide for minor electives) 3. Apply for Assessment when you are satisfied you completed the unit assessment guide in full.