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We have Students and Graduates Worldwide now in 60 countries – Argentina, Australia – (every state), Azerbaijan, Brazil, Botswana, Bulgaria, Bermuda, China, Costa Rica, Canada- BC,ON, NL, Croatia, China, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Eritrea, France, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Holland, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jamaica, Java, Jerusalem, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, New Zealand, Malaysia, Madeira island, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Oman, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Republic of South Africa, Romania, Qatar, Slavokia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA (Alaska, CA, FL, KS, HA, IA, IL, IN, TN, ME, MT, NC, NM, MO, OR, PA, SD, TX,VT, WA, WI), Venezuela, Wanica. Can’t find your nation? Get on board.

Back in 1994 we saw a real need for  PDC by distance (correspondence) learning.  Now we have students and graduates in more than 60 countries, are providing scholarships, and helping build sustainable communities and healthier lifestyles.

This course is designed for people who like to ask questions; who want to know how things gosling_3day_oldwork and need time to experiment; and set out on their own knowing that they have support and feedback from others experienced in permaculture. The course grows every week with new ideas and information, our ultimate goal is to produce a very approachable computer package. We provide far more information than could be discussed in a standard face-to-face course and we aim to always keep the notes easy to read and quick to access.
We also have flexibility in the course that helps people tailor it to their current needs and situation.

Permaculture is complex but a common sense approach to responsible living.  To have access to a comprehensive text, other peoples experience, ideas and research and a personal and caring tutor is a special and very satisfying way to learn.

Who joins up?

  • youngberriesSome participants are students at a University lead by a team leader who is usually their lecturer some are research students doing higher degrees. Other participants are at home with a young family and wanting to set up a healthy lifestyle.
  • People who want to learn at their own pace – they still need to be very well motivated! Some of our students are working long hours, some have young children needing unscheduled attention.
  • People who approach permaculture in a unique manner, some of our students have social reasons for preferring to work through permaculture their own way. Others have a strong network of friends and even a local Permaculture group, but want fresh input and access to our large information bank.making a steel fibre concrete pond using straw bales as formwork
  • People who are isolated physically – we have students in remote parts of the world as well as people only a few streets away. People who have work and family comittments.
  • People who like to read and question what they learn, to form their own understanding.

Who does not suit this course? Some people prefer to learn only by listening to speakers, watching and participating. Whilst we encourage our students to attend local workshops, watch YouTube movies etc., our communication to students is 100% written. You need to be able and willing to read English.

Who graduates?

Most participants graduate, some people take longer than planned to finish but there are no extra charges or cut off dates. We are patient and supportive. The teaching standard is vital to the success of our project and to the name of permaculture in general, we have to assure students and other teachers that our students “know their stuff”. Our teaching project is very unique even in the broader education community e-learning is considered ‘new’.  We teach people in  remote (socially or physically) and often in difficult circumstances. For more than a decade our teaching project has listened to the student’s needs. This has resulted in having a unique policy not to stress students by setting exams or dead lines. We have found many other means to help them achieve their goals. Their ultimate goal is to find a sustainable world future and live a healthy interesting life. Their goals have become our goals.  Our graduates have an extremely high success rate as designers and are well respected in the permaculture community. We are currently compiling a page to showcase their work.


Bob Ewing“Greetings, Dekvin Solkinson here in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, I took April Sampson-Kelly’s online course and received my certification in 2000. This is and was an excellent course and has made a major difference in my life and work. Photo of Delvin and the student group.”

“I am sincerely grateful that I found you, and that I took your course!  You have provided me with something much more valuable than my MBA or my PhD!” Alan Enzo Nashville, Tennessee Country, USA ecoenzo@gmail.com

“Permaculture Design Course ongoing On the 25th of September we started the group Permaculture Design Course here at the quinta. We are 4 people from different parts of Portugal (Malveira/Mafra, Cascais, Faro and Aveiro) who come together every second weekend to discuss the course material we have and do some practical exercises. In between these meetings we study on our own and have some online chats.  We follow the course plan from https://permaculturevisions.com/ which is the oldest online Permaculture tutor. They have been around since 1993 and so far we all agree that the material they provide is excellent!”  Quinta, Portugal

“I’m very glad that I chose to take this course, and feel that I got so much more out of it than I even anticipated. Thank you for putting it together so well and setting it up in the way that you have. I would recommend it to anyone and think that it is more in-depth than many other Permaculture course options that are out there. I’ve really enjoyed it, and have learned a lot.” Dec 2010  Elizabeth K-G OR, USA

Nigel Green formerly of UK writes: ” just to let you know that after completeing the brilliant pdc with you we moved to portugal to start a permacuture project, we are conecting with local culture, learning and teaching, just to let you know what you started see– www.corgadapereira.wordpress.com

Blyth McManus Maryland, US writes: Thank you for a wonderful experience at Permaculture Visions.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the tremendous amount of information you provide and the level of detail you offer in your modules. At first I wondered how a hands-on subject such as Permaculture would work in an online format, but I quickly found that you provided so much information and guidance that I was able to successfully implement the concepts in my own living space and really make the most of my experience. Your feedback on my assignments was always helpful and your thought-provoking questions made me think things through where I needed to. All in all a great experience. Thanks again.

We graduated from your PDC course in 2002.  We like your new website changes and are very proud to be graduates of your PDC. It was great fun to transform our lives and our land through this wonderful course! R Kruger USA

 I would like to say that in my opinion your course was very beneficial for Jane and I and for Pine Hills Ranch in general.  Because your course covers so much more than any normal hands on 72 hour course it made us consider so much more with regard to our design and how to best utilize our land.  It also slowed us down so that we have used a more measured approach to how we will proceed with our changes over the coming years. Peter Murray Canada

For more testimonials please contact us and we will ask students and or graduates to contact you directly so you can have an impartial review.

We are honoured by the commitment, high standard and ease in which
our students have become permaculture designers, teachers and leaders and are very proud of them.

What Kind Of People Do A Practical Course Online? See here our Official Register of graduates