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There are just a few steps for enroling, we would like to know your name and email so we can answer you, then please advise us of your choice of course and how you wish to pay.


When you apply to study with us you are granted immediate access to the start of the course. If, for the unlikely reason we cannot enrol you at this time, we ask that you accept our gift of free access to the first files. Thank you for being part of our world-wide effort to create a better future for all.  You can call us for help about how to enrol.  Phone  0242285774 Australian Business Hours.

Direct Deposit/Internet Transfer (our prefered option):- Made to `Leisure Coast Permaculture Visions’ The IMB [Illawarra Mutual Building Society, 253-259 Crown St., Wollongong, NSW Australia 2500]
type in BSB 641 800 then Account No. 001504513 OR if using a bank outside Australia please advise SWIFT CODE: ASLLAU2C BSB 641800 Institution name IMB ltd Address: 253-259 Crown St., Wollongong NSW 2500 Beneficiary details: Account No. 001504513

We hope you are able to download your course files  and you have been able to start your studies.  Access to the first files was offered when you apply to enrol. If this didn’t work for you, you can now go to https://permaculturevisions.com//1-1-AboutTheCourse.pdf


Here is our procedure for enrollments.
1. If you have elected to pay electronically, or by cheque or mail order please go ahead with your payment.  When we receive your fees we send you a welcome letter with instructions including your student number shortly after you enrol.  The letter includes an invitation to apply to join our mailing list. Our moderator is Megan.  If you have elected to pay via credit card, we send you a request for payment through paypal or another secure system of your choosing.
You can start sending homework now so please just use the date of your enrolment as your temporary number until you receive your receipt with an official student number.
2. Passwords to the subsequent files and your official student number are sent upon receipt of payment of your course fees.If you have paid and not received your passwords, please let us know.
If you are unable to pay, please let us know so we can discuss options to defer.

Here is a quick sketch illustrating how our system works. Your enrolment is online and automatically sent to us from the webpage. We approve and process this enrolment during our next business day, we request or check payments, then we email you the passwords when paid, then you download the course notes, and send homework as emails. Within a week or two we send you a formal receipt containing your student number and inviting you to join our exclusive graduate and student mailing list.