Getting Fire Ready

Today the fires are just 16 kilometres away. A fire would destroy not only our little_green_frog_mtkembla_flashedhome and trinkets with memories but also a lot of our rare plant stock.
We are grateful that we have over the years encouraged other people to take cuttings and plants of our rare species to help develop a bank of resources for family and friends, the wider community and global stocks of food species.

We are also hoping that the storage of water within the soil will help provide protection for the wildlife. We have laid 100s of ripped hesian sacks from the local coffee grinding outlets to help keep the soil moist and reduce fuel load. Even if they catch on fire, they are close to the ground so the oxygen level is reduced. All our winter fuel storage is in metal bins and the excess fuel from cut branches are in deep shade. David Holmgren’s Book FlyWireHouse  is a great resources on getting fire ready.

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