Modern life and Multiple R’s

In the 80’s people talked about the 3 R’s

“Reduce Re-use Re-cycle”.

Now there are Multiple R’s

When researching and writing about waste reduction and the ‘classic 4 R’s’ mentioned by in the 90’s we (A. Sampson-Kelly, P. Kelly and M. Sampson) realised the importance of a 5th R: Redesign. Since then Lela Copeland one of our graduates in Hawaii wrote about Re-use by modification (Retrofit). Then there were 6 R’s. Permaculture North Sydney had more and there were 10 R’s to consider. Flavia Reis and Shane Moon suggested two more. Megan suggested another – Resist.

We now have many very useful R’s:

Resist, Refuse, Reduce, Redistribute (share), Re-use, Retrofit,
Repair, Recycle, Refurbish, Restore, Regenerate, Rebuild and Redesign.

lots of ways to reuse the dried up Chrissy Tree