The Gorgeous Silkies

The Gorgeous Silkies – Silkies are a very docile breed of chicken. They are perfect for city dwelling, they are quieter, less selective about what foods they will eat and happy to live in a small house.The require low fencing as they don’t jump and fly unless they are hungry. On the downside, they need protection from dogs. In this photo they know they are in trouble because I caught them on the wrong side of the fence.

Weeds Are Good For Something – Liquid Manure

Liquid Manure PermacultureVisions
Liquid Manure made at PermacultureVisions demonstration site

Liquid Manure is regularly made at PermacultureVisions demonstration site. Noxious weeds were stored in an air-tight, dark container. We bought these containers at the local recycling center which is next to the rubbish tip. Water was added and then it was left to rot for months. The amazing thing was that the form or shape of the tubers hadn’t changed much which did scare us at first in case we hadn’t waited long enough, but after 18months it proved to be ok. The weeds didn’t pop up again out of the residue.