Reclaim Your Front Garden

You can reclaim you front garden by planting privacy screens which also help reduce pollution, enable people to open curtains and get more fresh air.  When the area is well protected, children can play in these spaces, you can greet the neighbours and birds and small animals can be encouraged to visit. This brings a family closer to nature and closer to their community.  You can use berms, trees, shrubs, hedges and fencing to create beautiful useful spaces.

Tarpaulin Gardening

The recycled old Tarpaulin is one of our favorite tools. Today we pulled aside the Tarpaulin that we had used for the last 2 years to pile the weeds on. (There were also some nasty weeds below such as privet, maidera vine, coral tree seedli
ngs, tobacco.) So at first the Tarpulin worked to kill weeds then we rolled it over, emptied the dead weeds to make a swale and used the beautiful soil underneath. Then we set it up to use again. In this photo you can see we have to surround the new seedlings with branches to keep the geese and chickens off.Recycled Tarpauline Gardening