Worm Power Tin Towers

Our of our graduates Robyn Crosland developed a system she calls her ‘Tin Towers’. She has 3 old cooking oil tins stacked neatly on top of one another. each has holes in the base except the bottom on.  They all have the top cut out.  The top tin grows well nourished herbs and annuals, the next tin down is the worm farm and the next one down is liquid manure made from weeds and the bottom one has a tap.  It is all elevated to the tap can be accessed and the fertiliser that comes out is put back into the the top garden.

Robyn Crosland made her TIN TOWERS out of recycled restaurant cooking oil tins. The top pot is sitting in a worm farm, which is on top of a tin with liquid manure in it and there is a tap so you can take the fertile waters back up to water the plant on top. This is a very healthy crop of basil for Autumn! The closed loop solves the problem of taking nutrients to the plants from the worm farm. We think its a great DIY worm farm. See our fence made of towers.

worm fram tin towers

Aged Grass Mulches The Seedlings

Our Scarecrow’s mandala garden is one year old and some weeds like sneaking in as we eat the veggies up.  Aged grass clippings work perfectly to keep the seedling snug and warm over winter.  The chickens patrol the borders to help deter snails and the geese poop uphill to maintain fertility. This garden was popular with people on our last open day because it showed them how much you can grow with fun in part shade.