Why Contours Matter

Here is a clear example of why it is vital to know your contours and not just put a gate where the fencing wire runs out.
For hundreds of years this hill was a Maori Pa, the food was grown on carefully levelled contour beds lined with clay.
Lately the area was fenced off.  You can see here the gate has caused people to walk off contour, and this small change has created a source of erosion.

The path drops to meet the gate, and so does rainwater. Then the rainwater continues to run downhill eroding all the fence posts.

Purpose of Permaculture Education

spiders web in mist Permaculture VisionsMay we never forget the ultimate purpose of a school, institute or university – to generate knowledge.  This is achieved by teaching skills including critical thinking and ways of accessing and evaluating and developing information. Permaculture is only possible through observation. It is a dynamic design tool. In the same way we design a bicycle to be understood, and ridden with observation and adaption.

A school cannot be successful if just raises money by imparting knowledge because it’s resources will contain only limited copies of an aging knowledge and no growth, ownership nor deeper understanding.

Permaculture at Tapeley Gardens

It is great to see large scale open demonstration gardens showing permaculture, explaining the principles and offering a genuine alternative to chemical farming.
Hector is a strong voice against Genetically Modified crops and is making a truly unique contribution to the debate by showing that people of all resources and standing can be actively responsible for their consumption and increase local production of food. This in turns reduces dependence and demand for crops that will withstand months and miles of shipment.

Tapeley demonstrates well the layering of a permaculture garden, in the same way the local forest has many layers. The individual yield for one particular plant may be lower but the combined yield of all the plants is higher.

There can be many layers in the permaculture garden.