Seek Nourishment

A great proportion of the western diet is just ‘fill -‘ substances that contains no nourishment. This includes highly refined breads, pasta, noodles and cereals.  Nourishment from good food enables us to move with power and comfort and work for others and ourselves. Seek nourishment and find happy ways to be contribute back to the earth and to society.nourishment

Being Free To Grow Food Is A Basic Human Right

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Are you one of the lucky few who know how easy it is to grow food? Do you keep the seed for next year and propagate your own food plants? Ensure you show others before you loose your right to do so.  The more people who have this skill and exercise this basic human right, the more knowledge there will be for future generations.  Westerners, and sadly tribal people too, are being robbed by legislation to maintain their food heritage and skills.  Some traditions and skills are preserved by simply doing them.