Web Of Ethics

spiders web in mist Permaculture VisionsMan did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.  Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” attributed to Chief Seattle
The most important part of a permaculture course is the Ethics and that it is why it is the first topic.  15 years ago we had someone enrol in the Permaculture Design Course with us.  He was a marketing lecturer and a very busy man.  He said he would rather skip the chapter on Ethics as he had a site that needed hands-on development and quick implementation to reduce his maintenance hours.  We encouraged him to push on the practical side if that was going to help. 15 years later he still hadn’t finished the course.  He had his site working well but he wanted to appologise.  He had come to realise that all his effort and saved money was pointless because he hadn’t thought about the ‘why’.  He finally saw the value of having ethics and having a vision.  The end result was still good for his site but having had the ethics in place would have helped him be more of an active part of the eco-system and community.

The Gorgeous Silkies

The Gorgeous Silkies – Silkies are a very docile breed of chicken. They are perfect for city dwelling, they are quieter, less selective about what foods they will eat and happy to live in a small house.The require low fencing as they don’t jump and fly unless they are hungry. On the downside, they need protection from dogs. In this photo they know they are in trouble because I caught them on the wrong side of the fence.

Make Your Permaculture Cup of Tea

Tea doesn't have to cost the earth.
how to make a cup of tea with the smallest frootprint possible

Industrial Cup Of Tea compared to the low ecological footprint Tea by Permaculture

Captions here in English, Français, Español:

Industrial cup of tea / Tasse de thé industrielle /  té hecha industrialmente
Oil / Pétrole / gasolina
Tea / Thé / Té
Supermarkets / Supermarchés / Supermercados
Transport / Transport / Transporte
Packaging and transport / Conditionnement et transport /  Empaquetado e Transporte
Bag factory / Usine de production de sachets / fábrica del bolsas té
Energy Transmission / Transmettre / Transmisión de Energía
Hydro or coalfired or nucleur power / Énergie nucléaire / Hydro carbón o Poder despedido o nuclear

Permaculture cup of tea / Tasse de thé en permaculture

Rainwater / Eaux pluviales / Agua de lluvia
Wood fired or solar stove / Four à bois / madera alimentada estufa o estufa solar
Water waste recycled / Eaux usées recyclées / Residuos de agua se recicla
Solar wind power / Énergie solaire et/ou éolienne / Energía eólica Solar
Hand made or second hand (recycled) cup / Tasse fabriquée à la main ou recyclée / hecho a mano o taza reciclado
Pottery artist / Artiste potier / artista de la cerámica
Local clay / Argile locale / arcilla local
Woodlot / Petit bois / Arboledas

French translation courtesy of our student in Quebec Sonia J. Fath