Free Lunch

lookingGood2We offer a lot of information for free, give a free ethics course with mentorship, and run a real life demonstration site.  We also offer limited internship style learning.
Energy always comes from somewhere and goes somewhere. There are some energies for ‘free’ such as sunlight, wind, tides.  What we offer for free comes from our ethos of sharing surplus energy. (this is one of the permaculture principles). While we are busy researching and sharing ideas, our chickens are converting waste into soil, our students are testing and designing and our graduates are feeding themselves and enriching their environment.

Your energy and time searching for free information will take around the world to wonderful sites, thousands of books, videos and science journals, and courses [Here is a guide to help you evaluate the different online teaching services]. Eventually you will want to know more information for your own site and want guidance in putting it all together. That is where we can help.  We provide in-depth information with valuable mentorship. 

It costs nothing to share an idea.  We dream of the day when there is peak permaculture. Peak permaculture occurs at the moment when no permaculture training is needed any more because we all know how to design, we all have a strong understanding of how nature solves challenges and we all have great observation skills and recognise patterns. Information being free is possible today but the need to explain or help people learn deserves to be funded.
All the great experienced permaculture trainers have their own food forest sites to manage and tend, (even Bill Mollison in his mature years has a farm).  The daily practice of permaculture lies at the heart of each trainer’s being.   Here lies the conflict.
Without community funding or student fees, the top quality support from experienced trainers is dramatically reduced.

We aim to remain a fully independent service and do not seek external funding.  So, if you value our free service please contact us to offer support or assistance. Your energy makes a difference.