Permaculture Design Course Goals

Building the World Standard of Permaculture Pioneers

We aim to inspire and support you to work in harmony with nature and build a better future for everyone.

We deliver permaculture mentorship supported by the wider Permaculture community. Initially, in the 1990s, the late Bill Mollison supported and approved our work .  Bill was instrumental in promoting permaculture worldwide. In 1981, he was awarded the Right Livelihood Award “for developing and promoting the theory and practice of permaculture“.[2] We continue to follow the topics in the curricula designed by Bill Mollison. However, we also supplement these topics with additional information about emerging technologies and social practices.

chicken learn Permaculture visions


Our notes and videos are accessible. For many of our students, English is their second language. So, we work to keep the course notes in plain English. We engage only experienced tutors. And produce our own videos.

our training videos designed to simplify and entertain

Commitment to Growth and Improvement

Our continual quality loop involves past students and graduates worldwide. We respond to student feedback and review the notes regularly. Since 1993, this course has been in a constant process of dynamic evolution. We celebrate our graduates work. Furthermore, , we continue to support the work of our graduates.


Great Outcomes:

Our Designer’s course of practical exercises, notes and videos guides you to:

  • Plan then implement a permaculture system for yourself
  • Help others using permaculture strategies and techniques
  • Build sustainable practices into existing systems such as offices, industry, reforestation sites
  • Inspire your research in particular food-stuffs, technologies or strategies
  • Build efficiency in social networks and social enterprises
  • Increase community interest in sustainable growth and development
  • use the term PERMACULTURE in your work activities or business
  • develop a grounding in Permaculture to help others