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We deliver permaculture mentorship supported by the Permaculture Community. We were approved by the Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Institute in the 1990s.  And we follow the topics in the curricula designed by Bill Mollison with extra topics involving technology developments such a topic about Energy and Social Structures.

Our notes are well-tested plain English. They stand alone and can help you through heavier textbooks such as the Permaculture Design Handbook by Bill Mollison.

afluenza-cureWe celebrate contributions from students and graduates and review the notes regularly in response to student feedback.

This is our continual quality loop involving past students and graduates worldwide with some Translations in Spanish, Russian and French. Since 1993, this course has been in a constant process of dynamic evolution. We have been working hard to meet growing student needs.


Great Outcomes:

The Designer’s course is a 72 hour intensive program of tutorials supported by practical exercises, photos, field work and videos. It should be all you need to know in order to:

  • Plan and implement a permaculture system for yourself.
  • Assist in designing systems for others.
  • Incorporate relevant permaculture ideals and methods into existing systems (home, office, industry, reforestation sites).
  • Assess systems for sustainability.
  • Start your research in particular food-stuffs/technology/strategies.
  • Develop personal interests in permaculture ‘products/outcomes’.
  • Increase community interest in activities that center on true (and not just economic) growth and development.
  • On successful completion of the course, graduates are accredited by the Permaculture Institute and awarded a Certificate of Permaculture Design.
  • Permaculture-design-for-community-gardenAfter two years of applied work, graduates may apply for a Diploma of Applied Design. This can also be conferred through another permaculture institution.
  • Diplomas have been awarded by peer review upon a presentation to other PDC graduates (as in APC10)
  • Higher degrees in Permaculture studies may be pursued at various institutions both in Australia and overseas.
  • Traditionally, it is not necessary to do any more than the design course in order to use the term PERMACULTURE in your activities/business.  The design course should enable you to have a thorough understanding of Permaculture and be able to teach others.

PDApply To Enrol ButtonC Topics in Detail

Module 1 – Introduction To Permaculture
Module 2 – Understanding Nature
Module 3 – Invisible Structures
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