Aged Grass Mulches The Seedlings

Our Scarecrow’s mandala garden is one year old and some weeds like sneaking in as we eat the veggies up.  Aged grass clippings work perfectly to keep the seedling snug and warm over winter.  The chickens patrol the borders to help deter snails and the geese poop uphill to maintain fertility. This garden was popular with people on our last open day because it showed them how much you can grow with fun in part shade.

Reclaim Your Front Garden

You can reclaim you front garden by planting privacy screens which also help reduce pollution, enable people to open curtains and get more fresh air.  When the area is well protected, children can play in these spaces, you can greet the neighbours and birds and small animals can be encouraged to visit. This brings a family closer to nature and closer to their community.  You can use berms, trees, shrubs, hedges and fencing to create beautiful useful spaces.