Introduction to Permaculture Course

Explore Permaculture ethics, principles, strategies, and techniques with our Introduction to Permaculture Course. We demonstrate Permaculture in a wide range of climates and budgets. And we encourage the development of your observation skills. Discover how nature responds to challenges, and apply this to your own life.

By nurturing human needs (physical and social) with natural energies, simple strategies, and comfortable solutions, we reduce our impact on the environment.

We mentor you for your future and the future for all.
April and the late Sister Mary Darcy created an abundance from waste

Contents of the Course:

The Introduction to Permaculture Course is a selection of core topics from the approved Permaculture Design Course. When you are ready to do the full design course later, the fees that you paid previously and the homework sent for the introductory course will be immediately credited toward the full design certificate course [PDC]. Our course homework tasks are flexible, you choose your hours. You can also suggest alternative practical sessions. We have a wide range of choices in the homework tasks.

Introduction to Permaculture Topics:

  • Ethics (building our respect for nature and others)
  • Natural Systems Design (understanding how nature works)
  • Cultivated Ecology (ways to increase our productivity and reduce consumption)
  • Recycling (simple strategies to reduce waste)

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