Our Chickens, Weeds, Worms Tower System

This Chicken Tower system was invented by April Sampson-Kelly in 1996. She has reillustrated it this week for our course notes. The Chickens have garden weeds for picking at, and nesting in, their manure and scratchings feed the Worms in the bottom drawer of the Tower. Rainwater is also collected, fed to the chickens and worms and recaptured in a tank for the garden.  Another smaller worm farm tower was  invented by one our graduates.

Chickens, Weeds, Worms Tower

Learn Your Knots.

When I tie a knot I don’t want to have spend all the next day working out how to untie it!!!
Here is a rough artwork I did years ago, it is kind of like my functional knots – it works but it ‘aint pretty.

There are a lot of useful skills that technology likes to replace (usually with expensive solutions).  Build your life skills by doing a Permaculture Design Course and then develop your experience by working on nearby permaculture sites. Permaculture Is One Of Those Basic Life Skills.

Purpose of Permaculture Education

spiders web in mist Permaculture VisionsMay we never forget the ultimate purpose of a school, institute or university – to generate knowledge.  This is achieved by teaching skills including critical thinking and ways of accessing and evaluating and developing information. Permaculture is only possible through observation. It is a dynamic design tool. In the same way we design a bicycle to be understood, and ridden with observation and adaption.

A school cannot be successful if just raises money by imparting knowledge because it’s resources will contain only limited copies of an aging knowledge and no growth, ownership nor deeper understanding.