Special Individual, Couple and Group Rates

Part of our commitment to building a better future for all is to make Permaculture training accessible. We aim to present our course notes in a friendly and plain english way and keep our fees low with incentives for participants to involve the family, especially their partner as they study permaculture design and build a healthier lifestyle.
chicken-grooming-272x300Some people work really well in study groups or with a study buddy, so PermacultureVisions.com have a special rate to help them learn together. Each person gets an individual certificate but the benefit of reduced fees and another person to help them. The participants that prefer to work as a couple submit their homework together so the administration and tutoring costs are similar for the us the provider.  This enables us to also offer reduced fees for group work. Groups study together, collate their work and present it as a group, but each individual gets their own certificate. Check out the Enrolment page for our latest fees.