Our PDC Teaching Resource

Many of our graduates have set up great demonstrations sites and are now starting to teach Permaculture.  We now supply course notes to help you teach permaculture classes in the field.

About Our PDC Teaching Resource

We supply a comprehensive resource for teaching the PDC.  It has be compiled, edited, and chicken reap Permaculture visionsexpanded regularly since 1993!  Our text contains more than 850 pages with illustrations and world-wide examples. We stay up to date and informed on current permaculture events and technologies, run an exclusive mailing list and online support.  The course is student-focused, flexible and supported, even after graduation.  We have experience and from our students world-wide: we currently have students in more than 60 countries.

Course Notes Format

  • The Course notes are supplied at no extra cost electronically.
    You are issued passwords to download the files from the internet.
  • Printed copies may be made for student use only and not for distribution without permission.

How We Prepare You To Teach

beesWe supply course notes for face-to-face teaching and answers as you go.  We prefer you to do your own PDC first with us so you get a feel for how the course works, meet your own personal needs and fill any gaps in your knowledge.

We Provide:

  • Course notes (750 A4 pages) with illustrations and world-wide examples See Course Outlines
  • We conduct the homework assessments and guidance for the group
  • We conduct research for unusual student requests
  • Permaculture Visions supported certificates
  • You do not need to have a PDC yourself to organise a study group – If you don’t have a PDC you qualify as a Group Organiser and need to be enrolled as a student yourself. See more info on running a student group. If you have a PDC from an organisation other than Permaculture Visions you are a Group Instructor and need to be enrolled as doing our Refresher Course which is offered at a discounted rate. Please supply date and name of your PDC teacher and attach a photo/copy or your certificate. If you have a PDC with us at Permaculture Visions you are automatically qualified and accredited by Permaculture Visions Institute and this follows the original rules of The Permaculture Institute (Tagari) and do not need to pay to be enrolled.  If you are a graduate of our course, you can also apply to be listed on our Official Register Of Graduates.

    Permaculture Copyright Issues

  • The term Permaculture was cartoon duck 003originally copyrighted by Bill Mollison.  The intent of this action was to ensure that a full course would be handed from one teacher to the next, not bundled with other doctrines or simplified.  Permaculture Visions was one of the first bodies approved by Tagari for the full duration of their Teacher Registration Project and upholds all the chapters in Bill’s original text and has added many updates. It also incorporates the teachings of David Holmgren, the co-author of Permaculture One.
  • Our own course notes are independent to any other course notes and are unique. They are copyright protected by the numerous contributors.  You can only teach using our course notes in a face-to-face teaching situation and not by correspondence or online.

What is the cost?

  • The enrolment page has current fee schedule look for the group enrolment rates. You will need to pay for each group that you enroll at time of enrollment.