Thank You For Your Support

youngberriesWe thank everyone for their support by enrolling or donating to Permaculture Visions.
You can start your course by now downloading your first topic below.  You don’t have to wait for our office to accept your application.  If we cannot accept your enrollment, due to having all our positions full, we will not charge you and we offer the first course notes as a gift. We will be in contact with you by email or mail by our next working day Mon-Sat. (We are likely to be in a different time zone to you, so please allow 24 hours).

When we receive your payment we will send your receipt, student number, begin to answer your homework and invite you to join the mailing list which keeps you up to date on changes and news.  You agreed to help protect Permaculture Visions Copyright when you completed the application to enrol.


Leisure Coast Permaculture Visions For more information please feel free to email us.
You can also phone the administration assistant Meg during Australian hours 0242285774.

Once we have sent you the passwords, we cannot refund your fees. Your fees support our work and we thank you for your support.

Here is a quick diagram of how we work. After we check our resources we can authorise approval for you to enrol (else we refund you in full), then we check your payment has cleared and send you passwords to the files online.


You send your homework to us by email or snail mail (regular post). You can ring our accounts and helpline for help with downloading the files. Your tutor will be allocated and will answer your homework within 10 days. When

you have finished homework for each of the 20 topics/chapters, you do a permaculture design and your tutor will help you develop this design by asking specific questions. When your design is complete and homework has been submitted for each chapter we issue you with a PDC certificate, we register your name in our honour roll of graduates and we help you promote your permaculture projects including teaching Permaculture. You also have the option to do a Diploma with us.