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menu_specialist Ethics:

Anima Mundi Movie | Global Gardener Bill Mollison | Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) | Grave Danger of Falling Food | Food Inc | Gene Ethics | Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO) | Institute for Social Ecology | Deepgreenpermaculture

Natural System and Design:

Alternative Farming Systems Information Centre | Permaculture Is Natural System Design Thinking

Cultivated Ecology:

Use of zoning to help organise a design

Zone 0

Seedsavers network | container-growing | Sprouts | Ferment and Nutrition (Bill Mollison) | Fungi

Zone 1

Plants for a future comprehensive database plant listings | The Organic Centre County Leitrim Ireland | ATTRA Organic Gardening | Composting | Costa’s Compost Worms: Gardening Australia | Building a Worm Farm| Worm Digest (vermiculture) | Phenology – relationship between flowers and insects | Seedswapper.com

Zone 2

Cornucopia Seeds | Native Bees | Keeping Chickens | Our Chicken Mansion with Fox-Proof Ladder system | Beneficial study of ferments for poultry | veganicpermaculture | eatthatweed |

Zone 3

Rare Breeds Australia (with descriptions)| Live Earth FarmDisease and Epedemics in Cattle | Natural Harvest Farm Oregon | Good cattle info: Steve Dwyer, mailto:smd@wdc.net |University California, Davis, USA : a wide range of Ag info | Wool-by-Alyce | Polyface Farming advice Joel Stalatin | Ron and Bev Smith Fish Creek Vic and their amazingly long lived, healthy cattle tended by herbal pasture and ferments

Zone 4

Bamboo World Australia |World Agroforestry Centre |  Pollarding and Coppicing – BetterLivingThroughPermaculture

Zone 5

Golden Boomerang Landcare | Biodiversity International | US National Arboretum  | The Society for Growing Australian Plants – Butterfly and Bird Habitat

Module 2 – Nuts and Bolts of Permaculture Design


A MAN BEFORE HIS TIME – Homage to the late P.A. Yeomans- creator of the Keyline system. | Mycorrhizae and soils | London’s BioremediationLondon’s Hyperaccumulation | Seed Balls | Eat The Suburbs |

Forests and Trees

Sepp Holzer Forests and Permaculture | The Food Forest | Huglekultur | Eco-Label or Eco-Libel | Pro Silva Europe |


Keyline | Stormwater Mitigation |Grey Water Management | Phoenix Composting Toilets | Natural Sequence Farming the importance of understanding the landscape and slowing water to reduce erosion and enhance soil quality.

Aquaculture and Mariculture:

The Power of Duck | Geoff Lawton on aquaculture | Specialist Advice on Aquaculture Nick Romanovski

Wildlife Management and Biological Pest Control

Buildings and Structures

Classical Landscape Profiles

Module 3 – Applied Permaculture Design

 Permaculture Village Development

Community Farms: [CSA]

Boulderbelt CSA | GooseCreekFarm | City Farmer | Green City Acres |

Community Economics:

LETS local energy transfer system People trading goods and services using alternative currency | Permaculture Credit Union | Permablitz.net – a great model for trading energy in a community | Steve’s Syberscience SecretsGlobal LETS pageGrameen Bank Supporters | We The Trees – Permaculture Projects Crowd Sourcing | Outdoor Classrooms – Permaculture in Schools

Patterns in Design

Design for Catastrophe

Energy Conserving Technology

Centre for Alternative Technology  in the UK | Open Source Sustainable Machinery | Design for the other 90% –  simple sustainable designs Simple Technology Paul Wheaton   | Energy Matters | Sunlizard and Alternative Fuels | Alternative (Renewable Energy)Technology Association  | Rainbow Power Company Ltd  | Solazone | Going Solar | The 12 Volt Shop  | Raintree Electronics |  how to make a solar generator for less than $300 | Solar power products | Earthlink products | NCat-USA | Pulsar simplest Pumpunitedsoybean | greasebaron’s vegetable oil fuel in car | Paul Stamets Fungi Power 6_ways_mushrooms_can_save_the_world | hand-washing basin integrated to toilet. | Micro Water Wheels | Justa Stove | 5 ways to capture heat and cook |Justa Stoves | Soleta! Solar House |

some clever Permaculture Tools

Recycling (Community and Industrial)

How Permaculture Trainees Operate