Illawarra Permaculture Mini-Convergence Outcomes

At our mini-convergence we learnt more about each sustainability other’s project, began a resources map and gathered lots of ideas!

We started a resources map for the Illawarra and got to hear dreams, needs and aspirations of local permaculture practitioners. Below are snapshots of different projects that were brought to the session.

Harvesting Great Stuff

First we started getting to know more about each other’s projects and began a list of resources for people wanting to live more sustainably in the Illawarra. This list is evolving and will be updated. We defined these resources as groups, businesses and organisations that are useful for people to build a sustainable lifestyle.

During this mini-convergence we had short sessions where each person was invited to speak about their current projects and ask for help or input as required. Then we broke into focus groups.

One of the focus groups centred around how to build communications, another on ideas for hosting an Australian Permaculture Convergence, yet another on building better education resources. And there was also exploring the interface between technology and Permaculture.

Some of the images from the mini-convergence.

What Next?

Future meetings will be targeted to support the emerging projects from the mini-convergence. Please send feedback and ideas and expressions of interest. If you have something to add to our growing list of resources, please email to

Two emerging projects:

  1. Australian Permaculture Convergence in Wollongong and
  2. Sustainability Now! Fair – A Sustainability Expo for the Illawarra featuring A Trashion Runway and exhibition, an Eco-Arts fest including literature, visual and audio arts, Electrified Living stalls and markets, speakers and workshops and kids play area with recycled materials. DATE: 26th April 2025. Location to be announced. If you are keen to run a fringe event or be part of the team contact us at

If you want to run your own permaculture event, here is some previous research on how to host a permaculture event.

Photo by LadyMoon Productions