Get out the trumpets! Here is another world-first by Permaculture Visions.

We now offer hybrid training – be immersed in a practical session as well as learn by reading through our well-used, extensive course notes. Our new hands-on practical workshops are conducted on our demonstration site check out Permaculture Wollongong Institute.  We are leading a new world of fun and memorable Permaculture training.


The Permaculture Wollongong Institute is a fully independent, industry-endorsed Permaculture education organisation with first-hand knowledge of the Illawarra’s unique bio-region and one of the first permaculture food forests in the Illawarra.

Join us for workshops and fun-days.

Life is great when the food is real and your hands get dirty. Our aim to create a network of supportive people who care for the environment is the key to our success. “It’s not work when you are having fun” Ted Trainer

The-Thinker---best-version2_smallOur Permaculture teaching syllabus is in keeping with founders in permaculture Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. Our Permaculture courses have the knowledge base and experience support of Permaculture Visions International established in 1993.

We aim to help build resilience in the community, through healthy families and relationships, develop the Australian sense of place and connection to nature and our landscape, and nurture sustainable practice.

We also have a virtual and constantly evolving free workshop here: