Where To Put Down Your Roots

dead butterfly 008A lot of people wonder where they can settle to build a more sustainable lifestyle.
Most people think that it all depends on climate and soil quality.
Here are some permaculture Ideas for the selection of your new home

The priorities for choosing a site:


  1. A likeable community with whom I could feel a useful and valued part. Choose a site within a community that values its natural environment.
  2.  Good climate preferably Subtropical or temperate site with minimal frost, preferably in good rainfall area unless you enjoy a dry climate.
  3. A slope that faces the morning sun or you will be faced with many more problems than you may bargain for (including hot wind, hot sun, slower plant growth etc).
  4. Good soil or at least clay soil.
  5. Bonus EXTRAS would include: An existing canopy of fruit trees, as in our system we bought an old orchard (though this could harbour hazardous chemical residues, check the soil first). A site that is not too far from other people, specialist services such as health services and public transport so you can start reducing your reliance on a motorcar. Most other features including improved soil by good water management, you can build yourself.

Aged Grass Mulches The Seedlings

Our Scarecrow’s mandala garden is one year old and some weeds like sneaking in as we eat the veggies up.  Aged grass clippings work perfectly to keep the seedling snug and warm over winter.  The chickens patrol the borders to help deter snails and the geese poop uphill to maintain fertility. This garden was popular with people on our last open day because it showed them how much you can grow with fun in part shade.