The Super Tree: The Mulberry

What Is There Not To Love
About Mulberries?

The dark colour advertises their high nutritional value, mulberriesthey make wonderful juice and food for us and the poultry, they resist most pests including fruit-fly. They also feed a multitude of native animals and reptiles.  Mulberry trees are hardy, able to  be shaped and easy to propagate.  The timber is suitable as fuel for heating the home, they make excellent shade in summer. In cooler climates, they drop their leaves to allow light into the picnic areas, home and garden.

Mulberry Cheesecake. Gluten free base of sunflower seeds and dates, cheesecake layer, mulberry and agar gel on upper layer. Flower petals, lime leaves and coffee bean fruits on top for edible decoration. Permaculture Visions demonstration site. Cake by Shane Moon

Here is a scrumptious Mulberry Pancake by Ella Whyman:

Mulberry Pancake, coconut cream and roasted shredded coconut by Ella Whyman