Zones in Permaculture Design

zones-picIn Permaculture we break the design up into Zones according to the amount of attention each area requires
Zone 0 – Home = indoor production (sprouts/ferments) and processing of food, waste,
water collection, repairs and education.
Zone 1 – Area outdoors needing regular observation, tending and harvesting
eg. plants we can browse and use each day.- intensive garden beds with keyhole access.
Zone 2. Less intensive managed areas but with animals needing daily attention
eg. poultry, rabbits, worm farm, snail farm. Orchard trees.
Zone 3 Occassionally visited areas with self-fed animals (stock) and seasonal wide ranging crops eg. corn, wheat, rice, pumpkin, bamboo
Zone 4. Wild food gathering (eg. nuts, native fruits) Wood for Fuel, self seeding trees
Zone 5. Natural area – a rarely visited area. linked with neighbouring wildlife corridors.
Sometimes managed to reduce risk of catastrophes ie. fire/pollution/drought/hurricane.