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 So, permaculture is new to you, you want to know more, but are not sure if you want to spend any money dipping your toe in the water. What to do?

Well, how about visiting the website of Permaculture magazine and hitting their CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY!  That’s right, you can be reading a free copy of this Queen’s Award winning magazine in the comfort of your own home (or, go on, having a sneaky look at work). Of course, magazine’s need subscribers, but at least check-out the quality and intent first, and we are sure that this is a magazine and freely evolving community which will make a significant difference to your life; great ideas are shared, solutions offered, contacts available and inspiring can-do stories and attitudes filling their website are the normal.

There is a FREE monthly Permaculture eNewsletter to sign-up for, this along with the FREE eNewsletter offered by their sister site,, offer a round-up of the best news and solutions, useful books, films and products and fantastic competitions (don’t get us started on the competitions!) … FREE electricity for the year, holidays, festival tickets, compost loos, places on Permaculture Design Courses, real bread mixes, seeds, and just loads of other FANTASTIC eco goods and permaculture essentials.

This exciting, committed and socially responsible publisher also publish over 50 permaculture books, you can see a full list at their website:  Permaculture books, and many more, are available in the USA via Chelsea Green Publishing

Some of the biggest selling titles include: Patrick Whitefield’s The Earth Care Manual, Ben Law’s The Woodland Way, Rosemary Morrow’s The Earth User’s Guide To Permaculture, Aranya’s Permaculture Design and Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture.

But, as we keep saying, there are also plenty of FREE resources available from – take a look at The Essence of Permaculture an eBook by one of the giants of permaculture David Holmgren. You will see a selection of other FREE titles there, we are sure you will find them inspiring texts.

Permaculture magazine and its website really are a one-stop shop for permaculture information  – and much of it either free or reduced in price. So, do have a look, for FREE, and connect with a worldwide group of people who are out there making a difference right now, today.