Minimise the Risk of Being Wrong

Urban Farming of Rabbits, Havanna Cuba

What if the majority of scientists are wrong about climate change? What if all the fuss was but for nothing? The risk is simply that we become more informed, build a cleaner environment and become more respectful of nature anyway.

Nicole Foss talks about aiming to minimise our risk of being wrong. What is the risk of ignoring the science on climate change? For the lucky few we see them enjoy enormous short term economic benefits from selling the shortening supply of resources, but what is the long term impact of the loss of these resources and the suffering of others?

When we have abundance we can afford to throw away resources such as food and garden waste, surplus books and clothes. But what is the long term effect of such waste? what are we missing out on developing as a society by not building sharing networks, generosity and valuing resources and people?

Permaculture learns from nature that everything has value and can be integrated and when the networks and relationships are strong, everything can be productive.