Ode to the Lemon

lemons you are beautiful,this lemon was raised from a single seed
with little flaws each one of you is unique,
You shine brightly and long into the night your fragrance persists.
Your flowers look as good as they smell.
With leaves that are glossy and pert,
and a trunk that is strong, resilient and compact.
Lemon tree, you are the best friend any cook has ever had.
And yet, lemon, you are not phased by fame and good fortune,
Lemon you endured a long history, travelled the seas to far flung countries, pickled and preserved many other foods
You have saved sailors from death and disease and brought smiles to children.
Sadly, out of sweet’s spite, you were sometimes associated with bad things such as unfunctionable design and useless cars.
Lemon you will live as long as man remembers how to cook
and will always be remembered for your nutrition and aid in digestion.