Permaculture In A Big White Box

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Growing food from purchased food

We bought wholefoods to cook our dinner. Amongst the groceries we got some spring onions and used the tops, then put the stems in a glass to grow and use as needed.

Repairing old wares to give new joy

Flowers and Vase pre-loved, bought from local recycle shop. Pretty ‘weeds’ were added. They will dry out and provide bulk to the arrangmenet. The old silk flowers were washed, re-arranged and repaired as needed.

Using Nature’s Energy

Drying clothes by nature whilst abiding by restrictive laws.

Supporting Farmers

Supporting Farmers works for us in many very healthy ways. It helps us to meet and learn from local farmers, get fresh nutrient dense food, ensures that the money bypasses middle men, reduces packaging marketing and transport required to get food.

Wild Harvesting and Invited Scrumping

Collecting fruit from heritage trees enables us to enjoy the fruit and process and save the seed, then find a local gardener who would enjoy these seeds. We don’t have to have our own trees to contribute to the conservation of rare species.