Something Big To Crow About – Discounts Celebrate Moodle

We Now Have A Moodle For You

Soon after the internet fizzed into being, our permaculture project was born.  Now we have grown a big Moodle to help our students stay connected.

When we started out in 1993, our mission was to nurture online permaculture students. We wanted to give them a new way to learn from the comfort of their home.  Pioneering adaptable time frames, a space to ask questions as they go and freedom to participate with exams was fun and creative.  As you may know, ours was the first Permaculture school online with one of the first permaculture webpages.

Bill Mollison and April Sampson-Kelly

What kept us going was the incredible standards of our graduates. We developed graduates who have become permaculture leaders, educating many others and playing key roles in social permaculture activities. We are proud of our graduates and the new Moodle is designed to keep them engaged and support their post-graduate work.

Still Smiling

Student focused learning is a fun way to teach. It has enabled us to reach people in remote places. As a result, the teaching journey is still engaging. With the new moodle we have kept this creativity and flexibility but added better tracking services.

What You Can’t Get Online – is Skill to Design 

Design is a skill that requires more than knowledge. Designing is a holistic thinking practice. Amazingly, the sum of all the parts is actually greater than the bits. Creating a personalised design takes skill, not just information. We aim work to develop student skills in designing, as well as the vital knowledge on how it the pieces work.

Tada! Here’s Our Limited 10% Discount  For You

To celebrate our new Moodle, we now are offering a special deal of 10% off.  Ends July 10th. Our new Moodle gives you a speedy way to upload your files, get the design learning completed and do the quiz to check the efficiency of your first design. Keith Mikkelson of Palawan in the Philippines, uploaded his work, completed the design check process, got personalised feedback on the design and was awarded his certificate swiftly. His feedback was great. “the process was clear and smooth”.  There is also the bonus of staying supported s a graduate.

You can design an ethical, healthy lifestyle to help build a truly sustainable culture.

We research, share, and teach permaculture online. Thanks for supporting us.