The Giant Free Oxygen Pumps


Trees are like natural air conditioners, pollution absorbers, wind and dust buffers and great water pumps. They cool the earth by providing shade and recycling water. The seed clouds by letting shaking off dust and fungi. “By cooling the air and ground around them, the shade from trees helps cool the earth’s temperature overall. Trees also help moderate the earth’s rainfall, which also helps keep the temperature cooler. Forests help to make sure we get rain. Trees absorb a lot of water from the soil for nourishment. Later, when the sun shines on the trees, water is released from the leaves and absorbed back into the atmosphere – just like the water is absorbed from our bathing suits. When the sun’s energy removes water from the earth’s surface, the water collects into clouds, and when the clouds are heavy with water they release rain back to the earth.”

Trees serve many functions. They serve the forest, the wider region and the animals. Trees are Giagantic oxygen pumps that are fuelled by free solar energy. They serve much more than just themselves.