Vegie Patchwork

“Vegie Patchwork” is the new “Vegie Patch”


Many a well-intentioned gardener has set up a vegie patch out the back, out of view. And unless they like to visit this patch everyday to escape the household and find peace or to talk to the insects, they forget their “vegie” patch. Sometime later they look amongst weeds to find huge zucchinis, an old pumpkin and tough old beans.

Most vegetables in a “vegie” patch do not actually need full sun unless you are situated in a cool climate. Some plants may like full sun but most will cope in dappled light regardless of your climate. In fact, many areas now are overexposed to sun and the plants struggle to survive in the hottest part of the day. 

Experiment with your various light conditions for different plant species. Forget about the conventional vegie patch and start thinking about perennial plants mixed with annual plants. The areas with vegetables will become beautiful flowering gardens blending with your orchard trees.