Prunings and Cutting Your Time

This week one of our Mulberry trees was over ambitious and bore a heavy crop. The wind came and broke a branch. So now we have feed for the poultry (near-ripe mulberries and leaves), and mulch for the garden. Some people might chop it all up where it falls, then cart it to where you can use it. prunings_Permaculture_Visions1-682x1024We move it first then cut it up as it lies where we need mulch, the leaves fall to make mulch and the stems and branches are propped up drying ready to use as fuel later. We can cut it to size for the living room fuel stove or if it is slightly too long we can use it in the office combustion stove or if is too long for there we can pop it in the pizza oven. Nothing is wasted in the garden. Even weeds become liquid manure.